Small Group Classes



Learn and Sound French with Jess - Private group classes

For all leaders and organizations wanting to support their teams for work, and for life. Each class is a 90min long. Each group is composed of to 5 participants that identify their level of French as advanced beginners or generally intermediate. These classes are social and stimulating! They will help participants gain confidence by connecting with other professionals like themselves, and staying engaged in communication.  Let’s hop on a call, then I will tailor the rest with you, and for you.

French for professionals in creative industries


  • Together teacher, team leader, and participants collaborate in choosing topics to build the course.
  • Using breakout rooms, the online learning experience combines vocabulary, theory and grammar points, conversation, french expressions, and context focussed exercices.


  • You indicate your goals, and needs in the inquiry form.
  • We hop on a call to assess your needs.
  • You receive a proposal tailored to your team.
  • You provide full or partial payment.
  • Teacher assess participants french skills level via an oral and written test.
  • Participants join a group of 3 to 5 people with same french level.
  • A structured class manual is prepared, and shared with the group.
  •  We start class, and you get more confident!
French for the workforce, and for small businesses


  • Understand people and the various french circles that you take part in.
  • Become equipped to express yourself, and influence your environment in french.
  • Naturally foster new relationships, and team building.
  • Learn from a peer-powered focussed learning experience.
  • Boost your confidence by engaging regularly  with others in class.
  • Grow in the area that you want by getting immediate tips and guidance from the teacher.
  • Learn fast in a small group class that is tailored, and stimulating!

Cancellation Policy

I will provide a 70% refund of the cost of the remaining classes for all discontinued or canceled classes,  once I receive notification from the client. Any missed group classes will not be refunded. All classes scheduled within 24 hours of the client’s notification will not be refunded