Hello. I am a Creole thinker, maker and creative leader. I studied project management, visual arts, theater set design, and have been writing songs since my teens. I’ve also been mentored and coached in business. My career started as a competitive and traveling tennis player, before getting into the act of creation. I grew up in the French Caribbean and I’m based in Montreal.
I am currently producing my 2nd music album with a visual arts component supported by the Canadian Council for The Arts and an ongoing crowdfunding campaign “Design The Life We Live”. My creative team includes individuals with cultural ties in Austin, Miami, Montreal, France, Haïti and Guadeloupe. Recently, I created a trypitch mural for the well known Vanier College in Montreal. Colour Your Walls (2012)  was my 1rst album produced between Montreal and Miami, it blends Trip-Hop to Urban-Folk sung in English, French, and Creole. My new album is coming, wait for it!
My work in art and music received grants from LOJIQ and Canadian Council for The Arts. I performed about 100 local shows including Québec’s Maisons de la Culture and Toronto World Pride. My music collabos include Wesli, Dead Messenger, Gardy Girault, Andy Barrow, Funklion. I’ve also worked with dancers, choreographers, visual artists, architects and animators (Jodee Allen, Helen Simard, Bboy Gregory Selinger, Miss Me, Aboudi Assoune). I’m looking to work with a fashion designer, an industrial designer and a film maker.

2 art residencies, 3 collective exhibits, and various reps at art fairs inToronto, Halifax, Ottawa and Montreal. I also have a work experience as a project manager and coordinator in record labels, booking agencies, production companies, and festivals. When I teach the French Language, I focus on one-one classes offered to professionals, scholars, and executives thriving in a wide range of domains.