Hello. I am a Creole thinker, a creative leader, and a French language coach. I studied project management, visual arts, theater set design, and have been writing songs since my teens. I’m lucky to have acquired mentoring and coaching in business, in tennis, and in the arts. I grew up in the French Caribbean, lived between the Americas, and am based in Montreal.

I am currently producing my 2nd music album with a visual arts component, and looking to expand my creative and executive team. If you have ideas to the project grow, please reach out. We have ties in Austin, Montreal, New York, Spain, and Haïti.

My work in the arts and in music received grants from LOJIQ and The Canadian Council for The Arts. My latest artwork include a trypitch mural created for Vanier College in Montreal.  In 2012, I independently released my first EP Colour Your Walls, which allowed me to hone my stage performance skills, and positioned me as a creative director. To this day, I’ve enjoyed and learned from working with musicians,  dancers, choreographers, architects and animators. Currently looking to work with a fashion designer, and a motion designer. 

 Grateful for my work experience as a project manager with booking agencies, production companies, and festivals. Oh, I also teach the French Language to professionals, scholars, and executives thriving in their field!