French With Jessica

About me. I’m a french tutor and a professional creative living between Montreal and New York. I lived between the Americas, and grew up in the French Caribbean islands. I’ve been teaching French for 9 years for organizations such as the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, literacy centers, tutoring agencies, and privately. My specialization is working with executives and entrepreneurs, creatives, academics and travellers, as well as language enthusiasts. My approach for these professionals starts by developing a custom-made plan of study that fits each person’s context.

As a french coach, I bring my cross-cultural, personal and professional experience to the craft of teaching. I’ve acquired coaching and mentoring in business, in the arts, as a singer, but also as a tennis player. I used to travel for competitive sports. I hold a Teaching Certificate, an MA in Project Management, and a BA in Visual Arts.  Drawing and writing songs is a creative outlet I practiced since my teens. In my role as a creative, I love to partner with small businesses, proposing original and customized songs and artwork to ignite their brand. I always propose unexpected versatility and authenticity.

Now, let’s talk?

Why Colours & Sound French?

To me, “Colours” sums up all the varied experiences that a person accumulates and develops. That is in relation to cultural, professional and personal journeys. “Sound” is the unique expression through which a person choses to present themselves in the world. Deciding to learn a new language broadens our view of the world and of others. It makes us more knowledgeable, make us feel sound, and that can create new opportunities for ourselves! Learning French with me will not only allow you to implement this mindset, but also help you develop intentional interactions in French. I want you to feel confident and at ease when you connect with others.